Welcome to the Florian Egermann Residency Program (F.E.R.P.)

Established in 2013, F.E.R.P. was created to give organisations and individuals the opportunity to engage in exciting exchange with one selected artist.

Provide accommodation and/or studio space and get to know the artist.

News & Opportunities:

Residency Review 2014 – 2: Tokyo, Japan
Residency Review 2014 – 1: Berlin, Germany.
Congratulations to “Institut für alles Mögliche”, winner of the first F.E.R.P. residency 2014!
New F.E.R.P. Website launches
Watch the F.E.R.P. 2014 Trailer
F.E.R.P. announces new Residency Program for 2014
PRAXIS BERLIN wins F.E.R.P. 2013

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