Is this a joke?
– No.

What is it, then?
– The FLORIAN EGERMANN RESIDENCY POGRAM is a cologne-based organisation that´s dedicated to give organisations and individuals the opportunity to engage in exciting exchange with one selected artist (Florian Egermann).

How does F.E.R.P. differ from traditional residency programs?
– F.E.R.P. started in 2013 as an experiment: Can i challenge the status quo by employing the same application procedures as traditional residency programs, yet organisations have to apply to get me as a resident, not the other way around. It worked out great (with more interesting opportunities than i could seize), so it´s not an experiment anymore but a full-fledged annual residency program.

Who´s behind this?
– F.E.R.P. was founded by Florian Egermann, a cologne-based media artist.

You are an arrogant asshole. Why do you think anyone/any organisation wants to invite you (it doesn´t work that way!)?
I´m aware of the fact that this project can be viewed as an crazy ego-trip, and i´ve spent a lot time thinking about and discussing this issue. In the end, i believe that i´ve chosen the a good way to communicate what this project is about.
But i am sorry that you are offended by it. Please let me know your opinion. Thanks.

Is F.E.R.P. a real organisation, or is it just you?
– Well, i got the best jury in the world. That´s enough “organisation” for me.

Any plans for opening F.E.R.P. up for other artists?
– To me, the whole point of F.E.R.P. is that artists should investigate the power structures they are dependent on, and find ways to get support for their work on their own terms. Opening up F.E.R.P. would mean that it would become a portal, forcing artists to submit to my format, which is exactly the opposite. So, no.

Who can apply?
– Institutions and individuals. Given that i want to work on media art projects, the call for proposals is aimed at cultural institutions, but i´m comfortable working outside the gallery space.

I have another question…