Residency Review 2014 – 1: Berlin, Germany


Time: July 2014
Host: Institut für Alles Mögliche
Berlin, Germany

Thanks to Stefan Riebel / Institut für Alles Mögliche for inviting me to stay at "Niederlassung Berlin". The World Cup fever was in full swing, and I produced works addressing the collective hysteria.

Residency works

"… kennen keine Lieder" Sound Installation, 2014.

Kennen keine Lieder

During a dinner with artists and friends of the institute, i conducted a "cheer choir" (resembling the noise made by crowds watching football). Later, this recording was played back in the otherwise empty gallery space during a match of the german team, leading to some irritation in the neigbourhood.

Residency photos



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  1. Golnaz Bashiri

    Perfect Concept about noise of responding or replying . The best word is reflecting . Good luck


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