Florian Egermann

Florian Egermann is a media artist,
activist & astronaut.

He investigates structures and roadblocks for projects in arts and society, and creates media artworks that address issues of authorship, submission, (digital) identity and self-empowerment.

The following is a short summary about his themes and works, you can find his portfolio, news about his projects, his music etc on his personal portfolio: fleg.de

RAM (2012) at Kunstverein Neukölln, Berlin

RAM (2012) at Kunstverein Neukölln, Berlin

For the past years, his artworks dealt with power structures in the field of (media) arts. “RAM” (2012), a tool modeled after a medieval war device, is an ongoing investigation of the relationship between the artists´ body and the gallery space, the artists´ position in- or outside the gallery as an institution.

The founding of the “ Florian Forever Foundation” (2011), dedicated to “the sponsorship of artworks made under the name Florian Egermann” and the open call “ CODA” (2012) are further examples of self-empowerment through the creation of organisational structures. Yet, none of these structures are false fronts, they may have a humorous quality, but they are no jokes – they work “as advertised”.


“Fremde Federn”, since 2012

“Fremde Federn” (since 2012) takes the idea of labels as artworks to the uncanny valley of artworks – prints hanging in hotel rooms. By signing these with his name, he takes the responsibility.

“It is like a graffiti-tag. But it is my intention to add artistic value by transforming something that´s so far from my definition artwork as it can get.”


Moses (2008)

His video performances, either in studio space or as public interventions, are about the struggle to withstand external pressure – either escaping society´s “dictatorship of happiness” (“The Big Bang”, 2013) or the attempt to re-organize the flow of people through a shopping street, using only barrier tape (“Moses”, 2008).

Starting of with complex reactive and robotic installations, they have become more minimal and simplistic every year. For a “Bring your own beamer”-exhibition, he equipped a carrot with a laser pointer and hung it from the ceiling, thus bringing not the device, but his idea of the device. The installation “Ja und Amen” (2013) is also about technology and tactics to hide important information from the user: the terms of service of his 3 most-used internet services, hand-written on thermopaper.

“I feel that i can communicate my positions regarding technology the better, the less technology i use”.


Austauschhafen, since 2012

Group projects oscillate between art and activism. Starting point is always an open invitation to the public, from there all projects aim to showcase and exploit opportunities for self-empowerment and change in the urban landscape. He was part of the art group “ Mühlenkampf” and is a member of “ wielebenwir – projects include a free cargo bike for cologne ( “Kasimir”) and a series of micro-conferences (“ Austauschhafen).


Workshops include the teaching of vvvv, a video synthesis software (most recently at TADAEX, Teheran with David Brüll) and a series of introductions to public performance (“an Strahlen with Thomas Eichhorn at Lichter Filmfest, Frankfurt a.M., Germany).

Group Projects

2000–2010 “Bands for Brazil”, charity concert series, Mannheim, Germany
2009 “Post->”, Public Intervention/Community building experiment, Cologne, Germany
2010 “Ankömmlinge”, Public Intervention/Field Study, Düsseldorf-Garath, Germany
2011 “Austauschhafen”, experimental micro conferences (ongoing, www.austauschhafen.de)
2013 “Kasimir”, A free cargo bike for cologne (ongoing, www.kasimir-lastenrad.de)

Selected Exhibitions/Workshops

Installation “Schillervision”, Schillertage, Nationaltheater Mannheim
Automata “Brickquencer”, lab30, Augsburg

Solo Exhibition: Installation “DEAR HUNTER”, raumkalk, Cologne.
Solo Exhibition: Performance “Von A nach B (und nach A zurück)”, supporting programme ART Cologne, Cologne

Installation “Nordpol”, ART Cologne, Cologne
Video Installation “Moses”, International Biennale for Young Art, Museum of Modern Art, Moscow

Video Installation “Moses”, v_Kunst, Frankfurt am Main
Grant: Young Artist Contest 2012, Cinigiano, Italy
Solo Exhibition, Video Installation “Ram”, Kunstverein Neukölln, Berlin

Workshop “An Strahlen”, Node Festival, Frankfurt am Main
Solo Exhibition: “RAM II”, Moltkerei, Cologne
Workshop “vvvv”, Tadaex, Teheran, Iran